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size? launches first customer loyalty scheme

Tom Bottomley
10 November 2021

Sneaker and streetwear retailer size? has just launched its first customer loyalty scheme called "size?access", giving members perks including bonus raffle entries, birthday treats and access to exclusive events.

The scheme aims to help “bring together the sneaker community” and create a full omnichannel shopping experience. "Sneakerheads" across the globe will now have a higher chance of getting their hands on the world’s most exclusive product at the touch of their fingertips.

Available through the "size? launches" app, customers can sign up for free. Once membership is confirmed, three entries in to exclusive sneaker raffles are automatically generated, boosting chances of winning.

Members will also have the opportunity for their membership to be temporarily upgraded to "size?access+" status on both their birthday and membership anniversary weeks. That automatically gives members five raffle entries over that period, given them an even higher chance of bagging the most sought-after sneaker releases.

There’s also the opportunity to collect a range of electronic stickers and gain achievement tokens for each raffle that members win. When they are unlocked, members gain a "size?access+ boost". That means, for each raffle entered, members get five entries. However, if members don’t win a raffle, their "boosts" are returned to use again.

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