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Shein tops TikTok's haul trend, data shows

Tom Shearsmith
29 June 2021

Chinese fast-fashion giant Shein has been declared the UK's most popular haul video brand featured on TikTok, according to new data.

Haul videos, originally part of YouTube subculture in the 2010's, are enjoying somewhat of a comeback on the social media app as people share their fashion buys with their followers.

Online brand building company Rouge Media has analysed over 40 of the biggest high street and online fashion brands in the UK, revealing which brands have accumulated the most hashtags in video posts.

During lockdown, the shopping craze reached its peak, with online deliveries and social media the only way for people to get their fashion fix.

Taking the top spot in the TikTok Haul of Fame is Shein, with over 2.5 billion #sheinhaul views currently.

Shein continues to use social media as its biggest marketing tool, using a network of influencers to sell and promote its products, sparking others to make their own content featuring Shein in response.

Spanish retailer and UK high street staple, Zara comes in second place with 873.6 million views of its TikTok haul hashtag.

Primark is ranked third place with 221.9 million views, with Pretty Little Thing (owned by Boohoo Group) and Berksha making up the rest of the top five, with 91.1 million and 82.7 million views respectively.

Original online favourite ASOS just misses out on the top five, despite promoting a haul-style shopping experience by stocking over 850 brands and offering free returns. The brand has 76.2 million views on #asoshaul.

TikTok data

Andy Woods, Director at Rouge Media, said: “It’s been really interesting to study the haul craze on TikTok and how it’s helping brands boost their engagement and customer bases organically online. However, we can’t ignore the dark side of this seemingly innocent craze. It’s clear TikTok creates the trends of this generation, so there’s a huge opportunity for creators, brands, influencers and audiences to move in a more conscious direction.

Last week, it was revealed that Gucci is TikTok’s most counterfeited luxury brand.

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