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Sellier launches new pre-loved luxury app using AI and human curation

Tom Bottomley
27 March 2024

The resale platform for "luxury superbrands", Sellier, which focuses on the rarest pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories, is taking its curation up a notch with today's launch of Sellier Selected, a new app available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Sellier Selected uses a combination of AI and human curation to assess the desirability of an item, "resulting in a marketplace that only offers the highest quality and most sought-after pre-loved luxury compared to other secondary marketplaces".

Sellier specialises in French fashion houses such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior, and the new app is dedicated to those brands specifically, which already account for 70% of Sellier’s stock.

Sellier has spent four years building a reputation for curating some of the most exclusive pieces in the market which has, according to a brand statement, translated to one of the fastest sell-through rates in the resale industry.

Unlike other marketplaces, every item on Sellier Selected is hand-picked to ensure that only the most exclusive and hard-to-find pieces are shared with Sellier’s clients.

Upon consumer submission, AI technology evaluates metrics such as price, condition, colour, brand and current market trading price to give the item a desirability score. Low-score items are filtered out, and the rest are transferred to human curation before being selected for sale via the Sellier Selected marketplace and app, creating an "ultra-curated" collection of the world’s most coveted luxury items.

Consumers will now be able to upload an image of the item they would like to sell via the Sellier Selected app, which will then be reviewed. Once an item sells, it is shipped directly to Sellier’s experts who will authenticate the item before sending it on to the buyer. Once approved, payment is then arranged within 72 hours.

Co-founder and CEO of Sellier, Hanushka Toni, said: "This is a really exciting moment for Sellier. We’re continuing to explore the gap between fashion and technology. Having used AI technology to authenticate our luxury goods, we now have a one-stop shop application where our customers can access the most ultra-curated selection of luxury bags and accessories.

"At Sellier, our motto is ‘fastest finger first’ and we have taken this to a whole new level, where shoppers will now be able to sell their items at the click of a button for the first time."

Sellier has stores in London’s Knightsbridge and Belgravia as well as selling from its e-commerce site and app.

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