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Sellier acquires resale platform Worn

Chloe Burney
10 January 2023

Sellier Knightsbridge has acquired Worn, the superbrand reseller platform, cementing its position as one of the UK’s largest luxury resellers.

The acquisition was made by way of an asset sale in a cash deal. The sale was financed independently by Sellier.

Founded in 2019, Sellier has an online presence and two brick-and-mortar stores in London's Knightsbridge and in Monaco. With the acquisition of Worn, the company will gain additional retail space in London’s Belgravia.

Sellier is known for its curated product mix, offering pieces from brands such as Chanel and Hermes. Luxury shoppers turn to Sellier in order to find exclusive and rare pieces, across both modern and vintage categories.

Worn, run by CEO Bella Buchanan, will be onboarding its buyers and sellers onto the Sellier platform. Sellier aims for the business to grow by around 25% in the coming year.

Bella Buchanan, CEO of Worn, commented: “I am so excited that Worn and Sellier Knightsbridge have joined forces. We are two companies with a joint mission to provide the best resale experience in the industry. When Lily and I started Worn, we wanted to make luxury clothes and accessories available to a wider audience, and to contribute to sustainable change in the fashion industry. This partnership allows us to take that mission even further. I believe that we are stronger together and I’m so excited to see what this new chapter brings.”

Sellier has seen its revenue revenue increase every year since 2019. It has grown by 442% since 2020 and expects to see revenues hit upwards of £20m in 2023.

Hanushka Toni, Founder & CEO of Sellier, added: “Consolidation in the resale market is about so much more than getting bigger. In an industry filled with incredible companies all redefining sustainability in their own way, smart scaling has always been at the heart of my vision for Sellier. Building something defined by the pursuit of the best-in-class resale, never compromising on quality or curation.”

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