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Selfridges announces COVID-19 temporary store shut-down

Lauretta Roberts
17 March 2020

Selfridges has announced this evening that it too will be closing its physical retail stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester as it joins the efforts to stem the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

The retailer had announced curtailed trading hours yesterday but this evening made the announcement on social media that it was shuttering stores and had take the decision "with a heavy heart".


Reports yesterday said that the retailer had confirmed that three of its staff in London had tested positive for Coronavirus. As a result it was undertaking a deep clean and later said it was reducing trading hours, but the move do to a full shut-down seemed inevitable as rumours circulated on social media that other staff had also tested positive.

In addition, a full non-essential retail shutdown and a closure of schools seems all but inevitable with commentators expecting it to happen later this week.

A string of stores have already announced temporary closures across the UK, including Nike, Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, Boden, Folk, MATCHESFASHION, Browns and more. Many have suggested the closures will last until at least 28 March while some have simply said the stores are closed until further notice.

Those stores that are carrying on are implementing a series of special measures from refusing to accept cash payments to closing fitting rooms. Read our round-up here.

The Selfridges shut-down will come into effect from 7pm tomorrow and no expected re-open date has been communicated at this time. Its e-commerce business remains operational.

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