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Scuba diver launches NAECO swimwear made from recycled ocean plastic

Tom Bottomley
15 March 2019

Avid kite surfer and scuba diver, Zak Johnson, has created a new line of luxury British-made swimwear made from recycled ocean plastic.

Johnson has seen first-hand the devastation to the ocean’s eco system caused by plastic contamination on a daily basis, and he wanted to combine simplicity with sustainability to create high quality fashion beachwear. Each pair of NAECO swim shorts is made from 15 plastic bottles.

“Over the years I have seen more and more plastic in the ocean that is spoiling the ecosystem,” said Johnson. “By investigating the two major issues of ocean plastic and the damage that the fast fashion industry has caused, we realised that we can make a product that not only looks great but also has a huge impact on our global environment.”

Using market-leading recycling methods, textile research and technology, NAECO has created revolutionary fabrics. The material is infused with state-of-the-art Nanotechnology to provide water repelling properties, resulting in swim shorts that instantly dry the moment you step out of the water. This process also offers far greater UV protection, longevity and stain repellent properties.

The made in London swim shorts are inspired by elegant British tailoring, and have a timeless, tailored look. NAECO also donates time, services and a percentageof its profits to help ocean charities and organisations around the world.

“NAECO symbolises what I believe the fabrics of the future should be and what I believe a luxury fashion brand of the future needs to be,” adds Johnson.

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