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Scottish retailers get green light to open from 29 June

Lauretta Roberts
18 June 2020

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given non-essential retailers in Scotland the green light to open from 29 June, two weeks after the English re-opening.

However only those stores without outside entrances and exits will be permitted to open meaning than non-essential stores in shopping centres must remain closed for the time-being. Essential stores in shopping centres are permitted to be open.

Sturgeon said today: “The retail sector is a vital part of economy. It is also a large and complex sector and we want to support it to get back to work quickly but, fundamentally, safely. For those shops that re-open, local authorities and retailers should use the period to make sure that plans for the responsible use of public spaces are in place.”

In common with English retailers, Scottish retailers must adhere to safe social distancing and hygiene measures.

She also urged consumers to play their part in ensure the new shopping experience is a safe one. “When shops reopen, I ask everyone to exercise patience and stick to the measures that are in place for our safety, and at all times please respect retail staff, who will be asking you to shop in a slightly different way," she said.

The announcement was made along with a number of other steps to begin the easing of lockdown measures in Scotland. From 22 July it will be mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport while factories and warehouses will be able to open from 29 June.

English non-essential retailers, including those in shopping centres, were permitted on re-open Monday 15 June. The wearing of fact coverings on public transport also became mandatory on this date.

Watch our video of stores in London re-opening here.

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