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Scamp & Dude’s ‘Super Scarf Mission’ aims to donate 60,000 scarves to cancer patients

Tom Bottomley
03 February 2023

Womenswear brand Scamp & Dude is launching its latest ‘Super Scarf Mission’ with the aim to donate a scarf to every woman in the UK starting chemotherapy treatment, which currently stands at 60,000.

Every time someone buys a Super Scarf, Scamp & Dude donate another scarf to a woman starting their cancer treatment. Last year saw the brand launch its first ‘mission’ – with 10,000 donated scarves - but six times as many is the ambitious target for 2023.

Scamp & Dude Founder, Jo Tutchener-Sharp, said: “I designed these scarves with the aim of wrapping women with cancer in a superpower infused hug, and to know we have managed to help over 10,000 women so far is just amazing. My aim is to be able to donate a scarf to every woman being treated for cancer across the UK this year.”

To achieve the new goal, Scamp & Dude plans to launch a new Super Scarf design each month, with the first design launching tomorrow, 4 February, in line with World Cancer Day.

Tutchener-Sharp added: “We have some vibrant new Super Scarf designs launching each month. I know they will bring so much joy to both the customers that buy them and the patients who receive them.”

The Super Scarves are donated to cancer patients through various hospital partners throughout the UK. A spokesperson from the Royal Free Hospital commented: “A few patients have been moved to tears by such beautiful gifts. It has been lovely to see a row of ladies in the chemotherapy unit using the scarves as shawls and all sitting there wrapped up nice and cosy.”

A new black and khaki star print Super Scarf launches tomorrow retailing at £40 on the Scamp & Dude website and in the brand’s store in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, and new styles will continue to launch each month throughout the year.

Scamp & Dude Founder, Jo Tutchener-Sharp,

Tutchener-Sharp launched Scamp & Dude in 2016 after being separated from her children during a lengthy stay in hospital undergoing lifesaving brain surgery. It was that brush with death that made her determined to “give back” and create a brand that helps children and adults feel more secure during the toughest of times.

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