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Save The High Street launches Coronavirus podcast series

Tom Shearsmith
14 April 2020

Today, Save The High Street has launched a podcast channel dedicated to sharing ideas for local businesses and community champions on the Coronavirus-era high street. 

Save The High Street will reinventing previous video content into audio, to be used as part of the podcast series, as well as adding new content including interviews with local business owners and industry experts on the High Street Advisory Board.

Like radio, podcasts are a great tool for listening to whilst doing other things, making it easy for local business owners to tune in for bite-sized or longer episodes as they balance the coronavirus-era working day.

The podcast features information and advice from topics including cost-cutting tips to revenue opportunities to community initiatives.

The podcasts are now live on Spotify, Google Podcasts and

In March, Save The High Street launched the first end-to-end COVID-19 support programme for the 200,000+ local business owners struggling across the UK.

As part of the support programme, Save The High Street will work closely with every business for 12 weeks to develop and implement a personalised plan, considering everything they could be doing to protect, adapt and grow their business in 2020.

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