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Rixo debuts 13-piece sustainable denim collection

Sophie Smith
17 January 2022

Womenswear brand Rixo has launched a new 13-piece sustainable denim collection featuring a combination of new styles and classic Rixo pieces reimagined in denim.

The new denim collection has been benchmarked against an Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) scoring system, which assesses each garments' impact during washing and finishing against four categories: water consumption, energy consumption, effect on workers’ health and chemical impact. The entire sustainable denim collection falls into the low impact category.

The collection has also been created with a non-stretch 100% cellulosic material, which is much easier to be recycled than other alternatives.

Founded in 2015, Rixo is a womenswear brand that specialises in creating on-off vintage inspired garments. The new collection follows the brand's previous sustainability work, which saw Rixo launch a six-month partnership with fashion rental platform Rotaro in November.

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, Rixo Co-founders, said: “We’re so pleased to finally show our #humansofrixo what we’ve been working on. It’s such a proud moment for us to be able to offer another more sustainable collection, containing versatile items that can be worn all year round. Rixo pieces are designed to last a lifetime and be passed down onto friends and family – using high quality and sustainable materials means we’re able to make this a reality.”

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