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Reuben Selby and Sheep Inc. unite for carbon-negative knitwear capsule

Jeremy Lim
30 November 2021

London-based label Reuben Selby has linked up with sustainable knitwear brand Sheep Inc. to expand its sustainable offerings with a carbon-negative knitwear capsule. 

The eponymous label was given access to Sheep Inc's supply chain and its unique naturally carbon negative, 100% traceable and trackable, 100% biodegradeable, ZQ certified Merino Wool in the interest of moving the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Comprising unisex cable knit jumpers in oversized silhouette, the capsule boasts luxurious heavyweight knits complimented by lattice designs in black, glycine and lilac colourways.

Each jumper features Sheep Inc.’s signature NFC tag which uses the proprietary app embedded in the NFC tag to track the jumper to the farm that provided the wool with the tap of a phone, providing a full breakdown of the CO2 impact at every stage of the garment’s construction. The wearer adopts a sheep in the process and is provided with updates about its livelihood, from lambs to shearing, with each product designed to re-connect the consumer with the origins of it purchases. 

Reuben Selby, Founder of Reuben Selby said: "The collaboration with Sheep Inc. started with a conversation with Alexander Lewis the company’s head of design. I was creating some content for one of Sheep Inc.’s sustainability campaigns while I was preparing for my first show in Paris. Through this discussion, I came to learn more about the Sheep Inc. supply chain and how they’re building the first carbon negative knitwear company. I shared with them our initial designs for the show and they loved the idea of collaborating and seeing their products on the runway. Our values align closely and I’m grateful that there are companies like Sheep Inc. sharing their resources and spreading their positive impact.

"The collaboration with Sheep Inc. is not just important for the brand but also as a message to the whole fashion landscape. It is our pursuit to create a sustainable and ethical brand and in order to do this en-masse and create a sustainable snowball effect we have to collaborate. The impact we can make together is far greater than what we can do independently."
Climate positive since launch, Sheep Inc. have been recognised for its sustainable supply chain innovation and commitment to regenerative farming. The company partner with supply chains which run on 100% solar power, to spin the yarn, manufacture the garment and run logistics to ensure a naturally carbon negative footprint,

Alexander Lewis, Head of Design Sheep Inc., said: "This collaboration is one of the first of our projects helping brands to access and establish the same supply chain transparency found at Sheep inc.  We worked with Reuben from the concept and sampling to introductions to production as well as supplying the NFC tag which accompanies the traceable yarn for the main run of the sweater in three colours.

"It is an exciting step for us at Sheep inc, not just to help another brand engage with the merits of Merino Wool from New Zealand, but also to work with a brand that has an entirely different creative DNA from our own. Reuben is a creative entrepreneur that I thought really has a strong creative voice and drive to do good, not just with his clothing brand, Reuben Selby, but with his creative agency and modelling agency.  It’s a great glimpse at what’s to come from Sheep inc."

The capsule collection is available now for £220.

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