Resort 18 Trends: Bright future

Resort 18
L to r: Tabula Rasa, Delpozo, Delpozo, MSGM, Reem Acra

Expect to see some intense, summery colours in-store even while the weather stays cool and dull. Resort drops from designer names are flirting with an early burst of power bright colour just as most consumers will be running for the comforting autumn-winter conformity of black, grey, brown and maybe a sludgy purple if they’re feeling reckless.

It makes sense at the designer end, of course. While these collections can be categorised chronologically in the fashion calendar as ‘pre-summer’, they become known ‘resort’ and ‘cruise’ names by accident. Originally created to brighten up the lives of the affluent as they escaped cloudy cities for sunshine cruises or tropical resorts, they still have that history hanging over them – even though they’re as likely to be worn in this cloudy cities these days.

But while these high-priced lines are designed for residents of Mayfair, Manhattan or central Moscow, the big question is how will this colour story go down in the suburbs? The fresh, bright pinks, saturated greens, oranges, red and citrus brush yellows may feel OTT as standalones for most of us, but designers have the answer for anyone who doesn’t want to look like candyfloss or an ice lolly all over.

Contrasting bright-on-bright, colour blocking, or brights used as accents against neutral beige and navy makes it all less of a challenge. And retailers will pick their power bright key items carefully. A statement shirt/blouse, an occasion dress, low-cost accessories like hats, scarves, earrings, and ultra-affordable mini bags can lure shoppers in with the promise of a brights uplift for their look without making them feel like a set of traffic lights.