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Rental platform HURR integrates CoGo Carbon Footprint Tracker

Tom Shearsmith
14 September 2020

Fashion rental platform HURR Collective has become the first to partner and integrate CoGo’s Real Time Carbon Footprint Tracker into its e-commerce.

Powered by CoGo, HURR's Footprint Tracker feature calculates the kg saved in carbon emissions when consumers rent an item of clothing instead of purchasing new.

In action, a saving of 147kg (367 miles in a car and 2 trees cut down) is seen each time a £150 dress (£26 rental price) is rented.

CoGo, a free-to-use app which acts as a powerful eco-conscious conduit for people and the planet, has added the positive impact tracking from renting clothes as a standalone function in their app, sitting alongside an existing feature which measures climate impact when users shop second-hand or from vintage retailers.

Environmental Savings Function

The Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracking technology by CoGo has been developed in partnership with their existing data science team and climate expert Professor Mike Berners-Lee.

According to GlobalData, the UK rental market is expected to grow to £2.3bn by 2029, consequently.

Co-founder of HURR Collective, Victoria Prew, said: “Showing our customers their positive climate impact harmoniously bolsters the founding principles of peer-to-peer fashion renting while promoting circular consumption models in the fashion industry and beyond.

Emma Kisby, Managing Director at CoGo, adds, “CoGo's mission is to prioritise the environment in our daily lives by enabling an understanding of climate impact. Our rental feature, along with CoGo’s existing fashion impact measurement tools, will work to realise the inextricable link between fashion spend and carbon footprint for the everyday person.”

The rental feature for CoGo’s Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker is now live in-app and on the HURR Collective platform.

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