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Quiksilver celebrates Pride by spotlighting leaders within the LGBTQ+ community

Tom Shearsmith
11 June 2021

Sustainable outdoor clothing brand Quiksilver has launched “Icons Are For Everyone”, a month-long celebration of Pride in collaboration with leaders from the LGBTQ+ surfing community.

This content series aims to shine a spotlight on the work of culture shapers and community builders making surfing more inclusive.

A part of The Original boardshort campaign, “Icons Are For Everyone” recognises that at its core, surfing is an expression of who we are as individuals and the culture we want to create together.

Quiksilver believes that by pushing for a more inclusive surf culture and creating safe spaces for surfers to express who they are. These leaders from the LGBTQ+ surf community are making surfing more dynamic and enjoyable for everyone.

“Icons Are For Everyone” will include:

  • Stephen Milner, a California-based queer surfer and artist whose photo book “A Spiritual Good Time” envisioned an alternative, queer surf history. Stephen’s work includes sculpture, photography, printmaking and more, and his art has sparked new conversations around LGBTQ+ representation in surf media.

  • Benny’s Club, a surfing collective founded in New York City by queer surfers and surfers of colour. Benny’s Club was created during the pandemic, and through surf meetups, beach cleanups and paddle outs, they provided a much-needed sense of community to many during a time of anxiety and isolation in the city.

  • Queer Surf Club, a digital community hub connecting queer surfers from around the world and providing a safe space to share their stories and draw inspiration from each other. Queer Surf Club is also the creator of the Queer Surf Map, a resource for finding LGBTQ+ owned or LGBTQ+ friendly surf shops, clubs, camps and more.

In March 2021, Quiksilver launched a new sustainable clothing collection called Made Better, manufactured using eco-friendly processes to reduce carbon emissions, use less water and energy and drive a positive change to the fashion industry. recently caught up with Global General Manager, Garry Wall, to discuss the history of Quiksilver, its continued drive for sustainability and what the future holds for the business.

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