Primark publishes global supplier map showing all of its factories

Value fashion giant Primark has published an interactive map on its website showing every factory that produces its clothing in 31 countries globally.

The map, which will be updated twice yearly, allows users to view the names and addresses of each supplier in all of the countries along with other data such as the number of workers at the factory and the gender split of the workforce.

A Primark spokesperson confirmed the information had been published in full and in public for the first time and it had refrained from doing so in the past due to commercial sensitivities, however this information had previously been made available to partners of the business from bodies such as the Ethical Trading Initiative, to organisations monitoring industry standards, most notably the International Labour Organisation’s Better Work programme.

A detail from the Primark Global Sourcing map

However as more and more retailers and brands are deciding to offer full transparency to customers on where their clothes are made Primark has decided to follow suit. “Primark has not published details of its suppliers’ factories up to now, as we regarded this information as giving us commercial advantage,” the spokesperson said.

“However, with 98% of the factories making products for Primark also manufacturing for other brands, and with a number of those retailers now publishing details of their sourcing, we have taken the decision to share our information.

“Primark does not own any factories and requires all its suppliers’ factories to meet its Code of Conduct, which is based on the standards of the International Labour Organisation, a United Nations body. Primark’s Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team, which consists of over 100 people based in key sourcing countries, is responsible for monitoring compliance with its Code. This team will also be responsible for providing updates to the Primark Global Sourcing Map on a twice-yearly basis,” the spokesperson added.