Primark launches its first mobile gaming app


Primark has entered the world on online gaming with its first app, Primark Legends, allowing gamers to become a virtual member of the value fashion giant’s retail team.

Gamers can help shoppers find their perfect outfit while also carrying out essential in-store tasks, such as tidying shelves, replenishing stock and cleaning floors.

“Primark Legends is a fun, fast-paced, shop assistant simulator where you’ll take the role of a new member of the Team in Primark’s first digital shop and attempt to stay on your feet as a busy day unfolds,” Primark said.

The game is split into three levels so gamers can ease their way in with a quieter day in store at level 1 moving up to a busy weekend shift at level 3.

The store is the latest fashion brand to create a game as a way to engage Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Unlike most brands who adopt gaming, Primark has no e-commerce to offer in-app purchases.

Others to have embraced gaming include Burberry, Boohoo and Adidas, while Drest is a new luxury fashion platform, which enables gamers to style and shop their own photoshoots.