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Primark donates 74,000 items to NHS Nightingale

Tom Shearsmith
17 April 2020

Primark has donated 74,000 items to patients and NHS front line workers working at the new Nightingale hospital in London.

The move by Primark responds to calls from health authorities, including the NHS in the UK, and charities for urgent supplies of everyday items. Primark care packs will be given to busy staff working back to back shifts or who are staying away from home, often to protect their families from infection.

The packs contain underwear, leggings, T-shirts, footwear and towels and will be used by medical staff who are frequently working back-to-back shifts or away from home, as well as patients who need a change of clothes or toiletries.

Primark will also be offering care packs to patients who have no means of getting a fresh change of clothes or toiletries from home.

Matthew Trainer, Deputy CEO, NHS Nightingale said: "NHS Nightingale staff will find these packs of great use when finishing a shift and getting ready for another one. This gesture means the world to our teams and is a great example of the generosity that that has been shown to the hospital since it opened."

Paul Marchant, CEO, Primark commented: “This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the healthcare heroes working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. We are proud to be able to provide much-needed everyday items like underwear, t-shirts and towels and hope this will make things a little easier at the end of long shifts.

"I also want to thank all our colleagues who have played their part, volunteering to pack, coordinate and deliver care packs to hospitals, charities and other healthcare organisations, to help frontline workers and patients across the UK, Europe and the US.”

In addition to the everyday items which Primark is donating, the company distributed 140,000 Easter food products to hospitals, homeless shelters and families in need over the Easter weekend.

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