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Pretty Little Thing CEO donates his March salary to small businesses impacted by Covid-19

Sadiyah Ismailjee
26 March 2020

Pretty Little Thing CEO, Umar Kamani has announced he will be donating his salary in March to support small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Kamani said in an Instagram video: “It is important for me, as a human being, to recognise the current situation we find ourselves in and remind you all that I was once a small business owner who faced my own struggles and now, it is really important for me to help where I can whether that be through a donation or mentoring small businesses as they navigate through this extremely difficult time."

“I am extremely proud of the business that I have built with my amazing team and with the support and loyalty of our millions of customers and I want to do my little bit to show support to other businesses that are really struggling through no fault of their own."

“I would ask all businesses no matter how big or small to rally together and support each other through this time of need. It is so important now more than ever, I offer my support where I can.”

On Monday evening, the British government introduced the immediate closure of all ‘non essential’ stores in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus.

The lockdown is expected to put added strain on many retailer across the country who were already struggling in a difficult retail market.

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