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PREMIUM and SEEK trade shows cancelled due to coronavirus crisis

Tom Bottomley
24 April 2020

The PREMIUM GROUP in Berlin has cancelled its PREMIUM and SEEK trade shows for this summer season, as well the FASHIONTECH conference.

It will, however, be offering a digital platform for wholesale in collaboration with business-to-business digital marketplace, JOOR, to guarantee there is still a trading option this year and will be “working on new concepts for 2021.”

Due to the coronavirus crisis, dates for the Berlin events had been provisionally moved from the original schedule of 31 June – 2 July, to 28-30 July, 2020. However, the federal and state government in Germany has now decided to cancel any large-scale events with over 1,000 visitors until 31 August 2020.

In a statement, Anita Tillmann, managing partner of the PREMIUM GROUP, said: “We greatly regret the decision of course, especially after the success of our January events. The ban on large-scale events has been around for some time and has been publicly discussed. It hurts us to do it, but we are also conscious of our responsibility. If cancelling our trade shows, conferences and parties contributes to the safety of our customers and visitors, then we have to take this step.

Premium SEEK

Anita Tillmann

“We are in close contact with all our brands and partners and have spent the last four weeks discussing possible approaches, concepts and new focal topics for the summer. The bottom line is that digitalisation is clearly the focus.

“We have been working closely with JOOR, the leading B2B marketplace globally, for around a year, after successfully integrating our own digital platform, JOOR has digitalised the entire procurement process and ensures a seamless, functioning wholesale process on an international scale – both for brands and retailers.”

Tillmann also said that it will shortly be offering webinars and it can offer   customers an optimal, digital ordering solution, so as to use this time of the pandemic efficiently, following the year-long investment in digitalisation.

Speaking on the importance of physical shows, she added: “Our trade show formats have been about more than just ordering for a long time now. They are about encounters, emotion, inspiration, communication and, finally, the fashion community getting together. Although lots can take place digitally nowadays, it doesn't replace physically meeting up in person. We have seen this more than ever in the present situation.

“We are going to work on new concepts for 2021, and we will liaise with the key stakeholders in Berlin and with all others too to ensure we hit the ground running again. We’re taking on the challenge and will come back to the industry when we have news.”

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