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Pre-fall 18 trend-to-go: Miaow

Sandra Halliday
15 December 2017

The kitten heel is working its way back into the fashion mainstream but after so many seasons in which the word ‘heel’ meant the higher the better, can it hit big?

Well, designers are backing it for pre-fall 18 and there’s the Maria Grazia Chiuri effect to take into account, The jury may still be out on the collections that she’s produced for Dior but it’s undeniable that she’s making an impact.

Her logos, slogans, berets, love of all-things-blue and, of course, those kitten heels, have all proved a hit and other labels are taking note. They’re using it on multiple items having evolved from Dior’s covetable slingback into shoe boots, ankle boots, knee boots, sandals, mules and more.

What’s important for pre-fall is that the kitten heel really is just that - kittenish. It’s not the half-hearted attempt that describes anything over three inches as “kitten”. A true kitten heel as first seen in the late 50s-early 60s should really be little more than two inches, or even less (think of Audrey Hepburn’s alligator shoes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or anyone riding a Vespa in a pair of Capri pants)

Expect to see more of this length as pre-season plays out and in the AW18 shows that are less than two months away.

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