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Vintner’s Daughter, Founder & CEO, April Gargiulo

| 12 November 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "The Beauty Edit" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from the beauty sectors's most influential business leaders.

April Gargiulo is the Founder & CEO of California-based skincare brand Vintner’s Daughter.  With only two products on the market, the brand has refused to play ball with beauty industry - Vitner’s Daughter runs without a marketing team, it refuses to release products for the sake of it, and focusses on 100% active products.

April created her Active Botanical Serum because she was tired of compromising on quality. She didn’t have a background in beauty; instead coming from the world of fine winemaking and applied that same level of dedication and commitment to quality seen in the historical industry to her brand. In her own words – “You can’t take shortcuts.”

In the latest episode of The Beauty Edit podcast, April joins Tom Shearsmith, Senior News and Features Writer, to tell us how she founded the business, her choices of raw ingredients, the brands dedication to sustainability and slow-production, product development and innovation, and how ignoring all the rules has allowed her to stand out in a crowded beauty market.

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