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Selfless by Hyram, Co-founders, Colette Laxton & Mark Curry

| 10 November 2021

Influence, what does it really mean, who has it, how do you use it and how do you measure its impact? These questions are a pre-occupation for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands the world over. To help answer them, we’ve teamed up with leading influencer marketing analytics platform Tribe Dynamics to produce a new series of podcasts: INFLUENCER MARKETING: LEVEL UP FOR SUCCESS.

In the latest episode of Influencer Marketing: Level up for success in partnership with Tribe Dynamics, we speak to Colette Laxton and Mark Curry, the powerhouses behind The INKEY List and their latest brand, Selfless by Hyram which they’ve co-founded with uber influencer Hyram Yarbro.  Hyram has a staggering 4.6m fans on Youtube and 1.2m followers in Instagram, so the brand knows a thing or two about influence.

Laxton and Curry tell us about the unique working relationship they have forged with Hyram which sees him go from beauty influencer to brand owner.  We also discuss the changing role of the influencer and the considerations that brand founders are now making in order to take brands in the beauty space to market.

We also have a vital guide to accompany this series, entitled How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success. You can download this guide here.


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