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Priya Downes, Founder & CEO, Nudea

| 22 April 2022

Welcome to the The Bold Moves Academy podcast brought to you by in partnership with Klarna for Business. Here we speak to some of fashion’s disrupters about the bold moves they’ve made to drive the future of the fashion industry and inspire you to do the same.

Let’s face it, there have been times when we’ve all looked in our lingerie drawer and felt less than proud of its contents. The solution for most of us is a trip to M&S, but Priya Downes is not like most of us.

When she was faced with this problem, she set about creating her own lingerie brand, Nudea, that not only spoke to her personal style but also met the need for comfort and sustainable design.

Priya was one of the forerunners of the movement in women’s lingerie towards fit and comfort, which is now so key in this category. She has also innovated in the area of bra fitting online with her unique Fit Tape, which allows consumers to measure themselves, or, if they prefer, take an online quiz or speak to an adviser via Whatsapp or virtual fitting session to ensure they get the best product first time.

It might be surprising, therefore to learn, that Priya doesn’t have a background in the highly specialised area of lingerie. In fact her career began in finance before she moved into fashion working for luxury houses such as Chanel and Burberry before making the bold move to set up her own brand in 2019.

She tells Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief of, about what prompted her to strike out on her own, how the brand fared during the pandemic era and what her ambitions are for the future.


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