Ostens Founders, Christopher Yu & Laurent Delafon

By Antony Hawman  
| 7 October 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "The Beauty Edit" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from the beauty sectors's most influential business leaders.

Having worked in the perfume industry for more than 20 years, industry experts Christopher Yu and Laurent Delafon are widely considered to have the ‘Midas touch’ when it comes to perfume. 

As the founders of United Perfumes and having spent years working alongside some of the world’s most-renowned perfumers (Diptyque, Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Polge and Yves Coueslant to Lyn Harris, Sophie Labbe and Dominique Ropion to name but a few) it was “only a matter of time,” before the pair decided to pour their combined knowledge and passion for fragrance into their own creation.

That creation is Ostens, the exclusive fragrance brand born out of a desire to “rip up” the perfume rule-book in the pursuit of beautiful fragrance without rules, limitations, briefs or budgets.

Crafted by some of the finest noses in the business, the brand’s debut collection includes six carefully crafted Eau de Parfums, each of which is paired with an ingredient ‘inspiration’ - captured within an oil - allowing the user to experience the raw material in its purest form.

The brand is currently available direct to consumer at and through its exclusive London showroom where customers are invited to join an intimate one to one appointment and a true journey of discovery.

In this episode of The Beauty Edit podcast, the pair talk to Gaelle Walker, Contributing Editor of about their careers to date, their combined obsession with fragrance and the creative freedom that gave rise to the utterly unique Ostens brand.

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