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Monday Haircare's Juliana Krost & Charlotte Fleming

| 27 October 2021

Influence, what does it really mean, who has it, how do you use it and how do you measure its impact? These questions are a pre-occupation for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands the world over. To help answer them, we’ve teamed up with leading influencer marketing analytics platform Tribe Dynamics to produce a new series of podcasts: INFLUENCER MARKETING: LEVEL UP FOR SUCCESS

In this episode of INFLUENCER MARKETING: LEVEL UP FOR SUCCESS we speak to Juliana Krost and Charlotte Fleming who have the exciting job of managing all things marketing and social media at accessible luxury haircare brand Monday.

MONDAY is all about salon-quality haircare at affordable prices.  The brand is a global success story and is available in Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, UAE, Canada,  USA, UK and Ireland.

The brand has garnered more than 25 of the world’s biggest retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kroger, CVS, Ulta Beauty and our very own Tesco - Selling an average of 10,000 bottles a day – that’s seven per minute.

In NZ and AUS,  Monday outsold Pantene (NZ/AU biggest haircare brand) after just three months in the market.

The brand has been key in helping legacy retail partners gain relevance with Gen Z and Millennial audiences and a lot of this is to do with its super smart social media strategy, which we discuss in this podcast, along with other great insights into driving success for a band on social media.

We also have a vital guide to accompany this series, entitled How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success. You can download this guide here.


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