ASOS: Global Brand Creative Director, John Mooney

By Antony Hawman  
| 29 September 2021

Influence, what does it really mean, who has it, how do you use it and how do you measure its impact? These questions are a pre-occupation for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands the world over. To help answer them, we’ve teamed up with leading influencer marketing analytics platform Tribe Dynamics to produce a new series of podcasts: INFLUENCER MARKETING: LEVEL UP FOR SUCCESS


In the latest episode of INFLUENCER MARKETING: LEVEL UP FOR SUCCESS in partnership with Tribe Dynamics, we speak to ASOS Global Brand Creative Director John Mooney about his role in overseeing around 100 content creators who dedicate their time creating immersive, entertaining and engaging content across its social and digital marketing channels, as well as its website.

Founded in 2000, the online destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings, ASOS is a true digital pioneer. It changed the way we shop for fashion, even though when it launched many doubted we would be willing to buy clothes online, and it was very early to understand the power in blending content with commerce.

It has amassed a vast social media following and now has more than 12m followers on Instagram.

As you’d expect from such a trailblazing business, ASOS was one of the first companies to experiment with TikTok, where it now has almost 600,000 followers. Last year it launched a highly successful branded #hashtag campaign on the platform, #AySauce, complete with bespoke soundtrack and featuring some of the most high-profile TikTokkers in the UK and the US.

John tells us all about that campaign, how the brand engages with influencers, what success looks like when it comes to social media campaigns and hints at more exciting innovation to come.

We also have a vital guide to accompany this series, entitled How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success. You can download this guide here.


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