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Agility amid Uncertainty: Hilary Palmer, Retail Director, Mint Velvet

| 10 March 2022

Welcome to ‘Agility amid Uncertainty’ our latest podcast in partnership with international logistics company Advanced Supply Chain Group. In this series we will explore how six leading fashion retailers are managing their businesses in the face of some of the greatest disruption the world has experienced in a lifetime.

In the wake of the pandemic, retailers are grappling with challenges across their supply chains affecting stock availability and impacting customer experience and of course profit margins.

The long-anticipated “new normal” has been revealed and what it looks like is continued disruption and unpredictability on both the demand and supply side, meaning retailers need to be more innovative, more creative and more agile than ever before.

For data and tips on how to manage demand, enhance sales and understand shifting consumer behaviour, we have also produced an in-depth study of 2,000 British fashion shoppers – Reshopping: returns, refunds and respending – which can be downloaded here.

These podcasts are designed to inspire and motivate fashion retailers across the sector. It is possible to be successful in the face of such challenges and the retailers we have chosen are proof of that.

In this, the first episode in this podcast series, Lauretta Roberts Editor in chief of talks to Hilary Palmer, Retail Director of one of fashion’s pandemic success stories, Mint Velvet.

Mint Velvet is a company born in a period of great disruption having been founded during the financial crisis of 2009 by a group of women who had previously held major roles on the British high street. They had spotted very early the opportunity to create a brand for women who had grown out of fast fashion and who were looking for something that delivered luxurious effortless fashion that nodded to trends in a relaxed way.

The business fared well during the pandemic as it’s more relaxed clothing found favour with consumers who were working from home and now, as the world emerges from the pandemic, its flexible fashion offering (which can be dressed up or down or styled to work whatever the season) continues to drive strong sales.

As such it is expanding its store footprint and has just replatformed its website to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Hilary tells us how the business’s strong service ethos has been crucial to its success from ensuring an elevated in-store experience, to over-delivering on customer expectations when it comes to online deliveries and returns. She also explains why managing stock and staying agile has helped drive the business forward.


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