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PODCAST: Tskenya-Sarah Frazer, Founder of TSKENYA
27 August 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "In Conversation" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from fashion's most influential business leaders. 


Tskenya-Sarah Frazer is a tour de force. Once an aspiring journalist, she changed course in life to become a footwear designer having found it frustrating to find flattering shoes to fit her size 9 feet.

A conversation with a non-binary university friend, who described a similar problem and also pointed out how alienated they could feel in a gender-specific store, encouraged her to set up her own label, Tskenya.

Armed with nothing but a bucket load of ambition and Google, Tskenya set about researching how to establish her brand and manufacture her shoes, having no experience whatsoever in the market. The result is a resolutely gender neutral collection, with non-gendered marketing, made from vegan materials, with each style named after iconic black women, who have inspired her over the course of her life.

She launched her label with the help of a grant from the Prince’s Trust and now acts as a mentor for other budding entrepreneurs on the scheme.

Tskenya describes herself as an intersectional leftie and is passionate about promoting diversity in fashion and business. She is also one of a number of prominent black cultural figures and business leaders to be asked to contribute to a groundbreaking series of new books  A Quick Ting On, which explores the history and evolution of Black culture in Britain.

Tskenya takes on the subject of business and documents trail-blazing black figures dating back to the Tudor era. She says this is just the kind of book she would have loved to have read as she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast, She tells Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief of, all about her journey so far, her commitment to her causes, her plans for the future, and her love of Chanel earrings.



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