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PODCAST: Skye Harrison Co-founder, KHOEO
07 May 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "In Conversation" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from fashion's most influential business leaders. 


The Covid pandemic has been brutal for fashion, there is no question. However, while many established names have struggled and, in some cases disappeared from our high streets altogether, others have taken this opportunity to bring something new to a market that was ready for a shake-up.

Skye Harrison is one such person. As Co-founder of fashion and beauty PR and wholesale agency K&H Communications, she understood the challenges that independent brands have in gaining cut-through in a crowded market, and wanted to offer them an alternative route to a new customer.

With her business partner Charlie Boud, she set up KHOEO, a new e-commerce business based on collaboration between brands, designers and influencers operating a lower-risk drop-ship model.

The platform takes time to tell the stories of the featured brands – which span fashion, accessories and lifestyle - and offers exclusive edits created in partnership with leading influencers.

Harrison tells Lauretta Roberts, Editor in Chief, of why she felt there was a need for a new model for e-commerce that sits between the global luxury players and the fast fashion specialists. She talks about what inspired her to set up another business during a pandemic and what her ambitions are for the future.


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