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PODCAST: more2 Founder & CEO Kevin McSpadden
09 February 2021

IN DETAIL: the Podcast from in which we get under the hood of the industry and examine the business & consumer trends that are driving change and take a  look at some of the brands and people that are shaping the future of fashion.

In this series we will Interview industry watchers, analysts, experts and writers who are all leaders in their field.

On this episode of the 'In Detail' podcast Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief of takes a deep dive into the world of Marketing Science with Kevin McSpadden, founder and CEO of More2.

Kevin’s early career ambition was to be a policeman but having given up on that idea he has since made a career from investigating exactly which factors drive growth at retailers. Many retailers tuning in may be surprised to learn that they are measuring the wrong things (beware the traditional KPI of efficiency for example) or, drawing incorrect conclusions from data, which can prevent them from spotting growth opportunities.

Kevin works with retailers at board level to get them focused on the right measures and actions that will ensure their future success. Typically, he shares his expertise at exclusive C-level teach-ins throughout the year, but today we’re getting an insight into the “secret sauce of success” that Kevin and his team at More2 have developed over the past 18 years.


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