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PODCAST: Jane Lewis, Founder, Goat
01 May 2020

Welcome to our "In Conversation" Podcast series where we'll bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from fashion's most influential business leaders.

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Lauretta Roberts,’s Editor in chief hosts the latest episode of our Podcast series: 'In Conversation'. Lauretta speaks to Jane Lewis, Founder of Goat the luxury fashion brand that represents understated elegance for stylish, discerning women.

In this episode Jane talks about how she set up her brand nearly 20 years ago and how she has retained financial, creative and cultural control, which has set her and the business in good stead during this time of global crisis.

Lewis is the quintessential self-made British woman. She believes that her absence of formal fashion training has enabled her to learn “on the go” through sheer grit, hard work and life experience. Formerly assistant to Elspeth Gibson, working on beautiful, elegant evening wear, Jane was inspired to shift her attention to something every woman needs: a working wardrobe.

It comes as no surprise that Goat’s discreet celebrity following epitomises the modern successful woman: hard working, at the top of her game, effortlessly stylish. Victoria Beckham, Lana del Rey, Gwyneth Paltrow and The Duchess of Cambridge are among the brand’s quiet celebrity clientele.

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