Pitti special event reveals Dao-Yi Chow’s first collection for Sergio Tacchini

A special evening event during Pitti Uomo this week saw the unveiling of Sergio Tacchini’s fresh design direction under new global creative director, Dao-Yi Chow, the co-founder of the street-savvy Public School brand.

Entitled “Impossible Angle,” and held at the Tepidarium del Roster location in Florence, the collection aims to tie together elements of Sergio Tacchini’s heritage, where shapes, angles, chevrons and geometric blocking sit at the forefront, while also attracting new younger customers to the brand.

Chow, who was also previously a creative director at DKNY, comments: “Sergio Tacchini, the tennis player, was a disrupter himself, helping to bring colour to the court and bucking the status quo of all white uniforms. We’re touching on this language but presenting colour in a new and fresh way by introducing a more muted, current colour palette.”

The past Sergio Tacchini palette consists mainly of primary colours and pastel tones, so Chow says he wanted to “flip it” to be wearable and more current for today.

Chow continues: “Court colours still inspire us today but, much like the evolution of today’s court, we establish a new tone in which the Sergio Tacchini brand lives. In our White Label collection, we reference the early years of Tacchini, specifically the 60’s and 70’s where tailoring and cut play an important role.

“However, a looser silhouette and proportion play is equally important today. Our main line collection is focused on wear-ability and ease. The future of Tacchini is about connecting a new consumer, who is young and a reflection of today’s changing world.

As a lifestyle brand with strong heritage, Chow feels that it’s critical to continue to play off the brand’s past, so there’s touches of 80’s and early 90’s shapes in the main line offering.

He adds: “As an Italian born brand, showing the AW20 collection in Florence at Pitti Uomo 97 is a celebration of our roots and a homecoming for our brand.”

The Tepidarium del Roster location in Florence was selected for its history and lightness in what Chow describes as “a space that immediately ignites emotion along with stunning visuals,” something the collection presentation was also intended to do.