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Paul & Shark launches collection with Greg Lauren

Alice Ierace
06 June 2019

Paul & Shark has announced its latest collaboration with American artist, designer and actor Greg Lauren to create a collection that will be delivered over three drops.

The collection consists of clothes that are deconstructed and reconstructed and includes a complete masculine look, which revisits some of Paul & Shark’s most distinctive designs mixed with Greg Lauren’s aesthetic approach.

The first drop of the collection will be in stores from June 2019 and will feature seven unique pieces handmade in Greg Lauren’s workshop in Los Angeles. The second drop will be presented on 20 June at a special event during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, whilst the third drop will reach the market in January and June 2020.

Andrea Dini, President and CEO of Paul & Shark, commented: “Greg Lauren has shown great respect and enthusiasm for what Paul & Shark represents and he has managed to create a perfect alchemy between his personal vision and the style of the brand, as well as building a marvellous relationship with our style department.”

With this partnership, Paul & Shark is looking to renew and grow its own creative horizons, while keeping intact the values that have always marked the brand since its foundation, which are inherent to the very DNA of the firm’s collections.

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