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Northern Fashion Week announced for July 2022

Tom Shearsmith
20 September 2021

Northern Fashion Week (NFW) has been announced for 7–9 July 2022 at Manchester Central, with offsite breakout events taking place earlier in the same week.

Curated and produced by the team behind New Talent Fashion, Northern Fashion Week 2022 will provide a spotlight on the vast opportunities available in the North of England.

Through facilitating connections between fashion professionals, NFW will create an immersive environment for art, culture and heritage sectors, bringing together a range of businesses focused on diversity and inclusivity.

NFW will also be working alongside various local university institutes and regional educational providers to support their growth and development, facilitating a sustainable future for the British fashion industry.

The programme and lineup of catwalks and presentations will be designed to support underrepresented communities within the fashion industry. The event will also feature fast networking sessions, workshops and seminars, interactive stands and retail experiences.

Founder CEO of both Northern Fashion Week and New Talent Fashion, Siobhan Clare O'Donnell, commented: "I created Northern Fashion Week to allow northern talent the opportunity to showcase themselves, giving them a fair chance within the fashion industry. Representing the North means to not only represent the talent but also the fabulous thriving industry. And so, Northern Fashion Week aims to celebrate both. The North is my birthplace and the birthplace of many exceptional fashion industrial innovations and inspirational fashion talent.

"Northern Fashion Week stands for the child looking for inspiration, the student hoping for an opportunity, the local business wanting to flourish, the entrepreneur seeking discovery and the individual who stands proud to celebrate the North and all that we have to offer. The Northern Fashion Week vision is built from opportunity, community, innovation, and a love for the North - the drive and passion for creating a space for fashion creatives and the fashion industry to continue to grow."

Offsite breakout events are scheduled for earlier in the event week in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

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