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Ninety Percent appoints new Head of Design

Sophie Smith
29 November 2021

Profit-sharing fashion label Ninety Percent has appointed Louise Langkilde as its new Head of Design, ahead of the launch of its latest collection. 

Langkilde is working closely with Creative Director Para Hamilton to introduce her Scandinavian aesthetic and build on the brand’s idea of a wardrobe designed to last and be adapted for several seasons and occasions.

Ninety Percent says its new appointment marks a new chapter for the brand, which will focus on a more timeless, yet luxurious style. This change will see a shift in the brand's aesthetic and introduce its first fully vegan collection.

The new appointment is followed by the launch of the Ninety Percent's new collection campaign, which redirects the brand back to its Camden roots.

Para Hamilton, Co-founder and Creative Director at Ninety Percent, said: “We love and feel constantly inspired by our community. We wanted to celebrate its diversity, energy, along with those local places, businesses and people we share our corner of London with. After lockdown it feels wonderful to connect again.”

The new collection builds on the brand’s foundation of sweats and jersey essentials, now also introducing soft tailoring, knits and a more feminine feel to its designs.

Keeping to the brand's commitment to sustainability, this collection uses a 100% vegan, organic cotton alternative to wool.

Louise Langkilde, Head of Design at Ninety Percent, said: “I wanted to create a truly modern wardrobe for how women live now. The sweats still form the base of the brand but we are refining the fits and evolving the details. Now the busy Ninety Percent woman is wearing her tailored tracksuit bottoms with an elevated knitted tunic. It’s about mixing it up.”

Launched in 2018, Ninety Percent shares 90% of its distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make the brand's collections happen. Ninety Percent invites customers to vote for a chosen cause using the unique code found in an items care label.

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