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Nike is the latest US brand to launch subscription service

Tom Bottomley
14 August 2019

Sportswear giant Nike is targeting the 2-10 year-old market with a new subscription service called Nike Adventure Club.

It’s the first time the no.1 sneaker retailer in the US has worked on a subscription model, and the launch comes just as the back-to-school season is in full force.

It will allow parents to order shoes for their kids ages 2 to 10 either on a quarterly, bimonthly or monthly basis, paying monthly fees of $20, $30 or $50, respectively.

The last option shaves off $10 per pair of Nike shoes purchased, with the average sneaker retailing for $60.The kids’ market is apparently one of the fastest-growing categories on

There’s no doubt that growing kids go through a lot of pairs of shoes, and building relationships with them as young as 2 years-old is a shrewd move.

Not only that, the Nike Adventure Club boxes will have each child’s name on the outside and will include an activity guide, stickers and a drawstring backpack. Nike is also creating a website for Nike Adventure Club members to find activity prompts and, of course, pick their shoes.

Nike’s first venture into subscription services offers a glimpse in to the future, according to reports in the US. The company hinted there could be more types of boxes to come, for example one for runners, with people training for marathons sometimes going through a pair of sneakers every three months.

More brands, such as Urban Outfitters, with its subscription rental service called Nuuly, Bloomingdales and American Eagle are testing subscription models, seeing it as a source of recurring revenue and a way to amass more loyal customers. Time will tell when the subscription model will be tested in the UK.

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