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Nike and RTFKT unveil virtual trainers NFT

Jeremy Lim
25 April 2022

Nike and newly acquired NFT company, RTFKT Studios have revealed their debut digital trainers, inspired by the Swoosh brand's Dunk silhouette.

Dubbed Nike Cryptokicks, the digital trainers are customisable with eight skins made by RTFKT's community of artists and collaborators. Each skin can be applied to the virtual shoe by changing the "Skin Vial" which changes the look of the trainers, with a wider range of "vials" to launch in future drops.

In February, Nike released the MNLTH NFT, a metallic cube bearing both the RTFKT and Nike logos. Owners of the NFTs have been completing "quests" posted on the studio's Twitter and Discord channels, leading to the eventual reveal of the digital trainers.

The Nike CryptoKicks will soon launch its first iteration, EVO X, with more details about the project to be released in the future.

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