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Nicole Farhi: blurring the lines where fashion meets art

David Watts
02 June 2016

Nicole Fahri_1

Nicole Farhi is known for her illustrious fashion career and the eponymous label she ran for 30 years, but what is not as well known is that during her fashion career she has always sculpted and has done so full-time for the past five years.

She will present her second solo exhibition, "The Human Hand", at London's Bowman Sculpture from 13 September – 30 September 2016. For the exhibition, the artist will present an introspective series of sculpted hands. Inspired by Auguste Rodin's intense study of the hand's expressive qualities, Farhi follows in the artistic tradition of sculpting those whose hands reveal an animated energy, yet also those who have a close personal relationship with the artist.

Farhi was tutored and mentored by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, one of the most important and innovative British sculptors of the twentieth century. Commenting on her process Farhi said: "I was drawn to the idea of sculpting the hand because it represented such a huge challenge. From the beginning of mankind, the first marks left on the walls of caves were by the human hand.  Because the hand is the instrument of creativity, it reveals different aspects of the subjects."

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