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New Look launches 500 vegan products

Tom Shearsmith
16 August 2019

High-street giant New Look is focusing its efforts on the vegan fashion world by launching nearly 500 items of clothing completely free from animal ingredients.

The brand has released hundreds of affordable shoes, bags and accessories, making it the first high-street fashion retailer to register products with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

The products are available online with immediate effect, with new vegan labels being rolled out to all of its stores from September 2019.

Registered items are now clearly labelled and tagged with the Vegan Trademark, and products sold online are highlighted on a designated vegan page, making shopping ethically a breeze.

The Vegan Society’s expert team have ensured that New Look’s registered products are free of animal-derived components, including any that might be found in fabrics, threads, glues, dyes and treatments.

Chantelle Adkins, Head of Business Development at The Vegan Society, stated: "We are delighted to be collaborating with New Look on the launch of their exciting new vegan range, which shows a vegan lifestyle has truly entered not just our diets but our wardrobes, too."

"Shopping in line with your ethics without compromising your style has never been easier or more affordable."

New Look will continue to register many more of their products with the Vegan Trademark in future seasons in an effort to be more transparent and sustainable in materials.

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