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M&S reveals ‘love your boobs’ art installation on London’s South Bank

Chloe Burney
10 March 2023

Retail giant M&S has collaborated with body casting artist Lydia Reeves to celebrate boob diversity, forming a key part of its ‘love your boobs, it starts with a bra fit’ campaign.

As the nation’s leading bra retailer, with 2,000 expert bra fitters helping more than 900,000 customers every year, M&S commissioned the installation to normalise the uniqueness of boobs.

Artist Lydia Reeves commented: "M&S’s Bra Fit campaign aligns so perfectly with the constant message I shout about in my artwork every day - To show yourself and your boobs some love and self-acceptance, no matter your size or shape, as there is such beauty in our differences! I’m really hoping that by showcasing these diverse boob casts it will encourage others to celebrate their unique bodies."

The installation, which is running until Saturday 11 March, features the chests of 16 M&S colleagues that were cast at Lydia’s studio in Brighton. The eight-metre square artwork champions a diverse cast of women from across the M&S business, including Bra Fit experts and support centre colleagues, aged between 22 and 65.

‘Sixteen’ – the name of the installation – includes the cast of a woman who underwent mastectomy surgery and another who had a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.


Isabella Boxall, who took part in the installation and is a Bra Fitter at M&S, said: "The body casting was an experience I won’t forget and to see it come to life at the installation in London was amazing! As a Bra Fitter, we fit hundreds of customers of all shapes, sizes and life stages and I think it’s so important to champion the diversity we see in store every day so to be part of M&S’ Bra Fit campaign which celebrates our differences is something I’m really proud of."

M&S recently teamed up with Breast Cancer Now to help raise awareness of the correct way to check for breast cancer, installing new informational signage in over 2,000 of its fitting rooms across the UK.

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