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MR PORTER introduces "At Home With Mr PORTER" programme

Tom Shearsmith
06 April 2020

Online menswear destination MR PORTER has launched a social-led content series, “At Home With MR PORTER”, developed to inform and inspire customers who are making the most of being at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MR PORTER’s editors, along with guest writers, have developed a new series of stories and digital programming for MR PORTER’s Instagram channel and online magazine, The Journal, to deliver at home tips, techniques and wellness practices.

At Home With MR PORTER is an extension of MR PORTER’s history of developing informative and entertaining content. The aim, in line with MR PORTER's Health In Mind, is to help consumers lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

 At Home With MR PORTER programming and stories include:

  • Instagram Live Q&As with MR PORTER’s US Editor Mr Chris Wallace and a network of experts.
  • Regular video takeovers of the company's Instagram channel by a network of collaborators and creatives, including actor and filmmaker, Mr Paul Feig and Michelin star winning chef, Mr Tom Aikens.
  • Additional fresh and archival MR PORTER Health In Mind content including stories on how to deal with anxiety and stress, maintaining a grooming routine in self isolation and relationship advice.
  • Tips on what to do and how: the books to read, playlists to listen to, recipes to cook and the style it takes to look and feel good indoors.

“At Home With MR PORTER” will be published across MR PORTER’s social media, editorial, and email channels, and will be available on both website and app platforms.

In March 2020, the YNAP-owned menswear site unveiled an enhanced version of its online digital magazine The Journal, whilst announcing its next podcast series The Details.

To keep up to date with all the COVID-19 related content, has created a dedicated hub of news.

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