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MR PORTER enhances digital magazine and announces latest podcast series

Lauretta Roberts
04 March 2020

MR PORTER, the YNAP-owned, luxury menswear site has unveiled an enhanced version of its online digital magazine The Journal, while announcing its next podcast series The Details set to debut on The MR PORTER Podcast later this month. 

The Journal, which made its debut in 2011, is moving to an "always on" approach to content, having previously been published every Thursday, while its brother The Daily Edit produced bite-sized content every day.

MR PORTER has eschewed the former publishing schedules in favour of publishing content to The Journal around the clock, including daily pulses of long and short features, videos and news stories.

It has also revealed new and improved navigation, categorisation, searchability and enhanced mediums of video and podcasts. 

What users can expect:

  • Long- and short-form content, videos, podcasts and more – with newness every day of the week. 
  • Grooming, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and Watch categories – all sortable and navigable with ease, and with individual homepages for each. The latter includes a new video series, About Time, which offers a deeper look into the world’s most prolific watch manufacturers, and is shot and produced in MR PORTER's brand-new, in-house video studios in London. 
  • Recommendations – at the end of each article, readers can expect handy suggestions to complement their journey from one article to the next. 
  • Time management – if time is top of mind, each article will indicate its length (in minutes), so each reader can audit their consumption with each story. 
  • General, improved navigation and experience – the new Journal “looks” and “feels” better, MR PORTER says, and has a been built with a natural flow homepage, a curated “highlights” reel, and new article formats that enhance imagery and video "in a more user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing way".

In addition the menswear etailer is set to debut its latest series from The MR PORTER Podcast in March. The Details is a six-episode audible documentary series focusing on the finer details of the male wardrobe, featuring interviews with historians, collectors, enthusiasts, craftsmen and designers, and who delve into the history of zips, buttons, stitching, pleats, collars and labels that make-up the storied evolution of menswear.

Debut season interviewees include: Margaret Howell, Thom Browne, Emily Bode, Olivier Rousteing, Luca Rubinacci, Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augstyniak of M/M Paris and Ian Bergin of Barbour. 

“MR PORTER’s content channels continue to evolve for the reading and listening pleasure of our audiences, and what remains is our everlasting commitment to inform, inspire and entertain in new and various ways. We hope our readers enjoy our enhanced editorial, and subscribe in more ways than one,” said Fiona Firth, MR PORTER Managing Director. 

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