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MORI gifts sleepsuits to children of NHS parents and launches donation campaign

Tom Shearsmith
19 May 2020

MORI, creators of high quality clothing for babies, toddlers and children have offered their support to NHS parents working on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 in the UK.

Last month MORI launched their ‘helping NHS parents sleep better’ campaign, where MORI customers could nominate a family member or friend, who works in the NHS, to receive free sleepwear for their little one.

Overnight the campaign went viral and MORI received thousands of applications.

MORI have now gifted thousands of sleepsuits and pyjamas to NHS parents across the UK.

Akin Onal, MORI’s founder, said: “At MORI we are incredibly grateful for the people who are keeping us going at this time. As a small business we are very proud that we have been able to play our part in supporting the parents in the NHS, as much as we can, and are helping to make sleep time a little softer”

Today MORI are launching a donation campaign, by purchasing sleepwear at a fraction of its retail price to donate to an NHS parent who’s joined the company's waiting list.

By using word of mouth within the NHS community, MORI is in a unique position to give directly to these parents without going through the administrative process and costs of a regular UK charity which could account for up a proportion of their donations.

MORI was founded in 2015 by Akin Onal, and has grown from a brand for babies to sleepwear and daywear for children up to 6 years, as well as the ever-growing nursery collection and licensed collaborations.

MORI’s signature fabric is crafted from organic cotton and bamboo which is soft, breathable and thermoregulating.

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