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Mike Ashley's Frasers Group offers to deliver NHS supplies

Tom Shearsmith
25 March 2020

In an open letter, Frasers Group Chief Financial Officer Chris Wootton has pledged support the NHS and its employees “in whatever way” it can.

The initial suggestion from Mike Ashley's retail group includes an offer to deliver NHS supplies around the country in its fleet of Sports Direct lorries.

The open letter was sent to Cabinet minister Michael Gove, where also Wootton pushed for an agreement in the company's decision to remain open, as it faces public criticism over its handling of the national lockdown.

Wootton argued that it is "absolutely clear that as a business, keeping open any of our stores is completely uncommercial for us at this time."

"I take this opportunity to repeat that we are keen to help support in whatever way we can our marvellous NHS and its employees who are putting themselves in danger to protect our wellbeing. The most immediate opportunity for this may be afforded by our fleet of lorries that can travel all around the country and help where possible delivering supplies etc."

The offer also comes after Sports Direct faced criticism for hiking the price of sports fashion and sports equipment online and leaving the fate of staff on zero hours contracts unclear.

Boris Johnson today told Mike Ashley to “expect the consequences” if he does not obey the rules over his employees during the coronavirus crisis.

Wootton finished the open letter by defending Frasers Group’s treatment of staff, adding that “the vast majority of employees who were in the categories designated as being vulnerable” had been sent home on full pay.

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