The Industry‘s Deryane Tadd is a dedicated London Fashion Week buyer – we find out what she’s looking for this season.

Deryane Tadd is director of The Dressing Room, an award winning independent that stock brands such as Lily and Lionel, Ash and House of Harlow. A regular commenter on Drapers, we quiz The Industry member on what she will be buying for Spring/Summer 2013.

How do you and and your team of buyers prepare for fashion week?

I have a detailed buying and merchandising plan that I prepare in advance of the buying season. I check out what designers and brands are going to be showing at LFW and plan who I particularly want to see based on what my buying requirements are. But saying that, I’m always looking out for something that is exciting as well – something that my customers will love!

With The Dressing Room being UK based, do you find that British brands/LFW designers translate better with your customer?

We carry a wide breadth of labels from all over the world, so I wouldn’t say the British brands are better for my customer but it’s certainly a nice touch if they are from the UK.

How does buying at LFW differ from a trade show like Pure London?

Pure is a much bigger show with more variety. You have to do a lot of leg work to get what you want, but there are some very commercial brands there. Pure is also good for the seminars and trade networking where LFW is much more about ‘fashion’.  I enjoy attending LFW for the ‘fashion’ side of it, people watching and spotting upcoming labels etc. – there is something very exciting about it.

What designers in particular are you most looking forward to for Spring/Summer 2013?

There isn’t one designer in particular because I have seen so many fabulous collections on my travels this season. I especially like the way that brands have used colour in a new but still marketable way. For next season we need collections that are going to sell easily – pieces that customers feel they can buy now, wear now.

In terms of buying, is there anything that you feel the market is lacking at the moment?

No, I think if you look hard enough you can find what you are looking for. It is about trying new things and keeping things fresh and exciting for your customer – giving them a reason to shop with you regularly.

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