Member Interview with David Harris of Hoxton Radio

Let us introduce you to David Harris, better known in music and fashion circles as ‘The Preshaah’. David is the founder of Hoxton Radio, an independent broadcasting station with its very own fashion radio show. The slot is quickly becoming one of Hoxton’s Radio’s best-loved shows, with the likes of MTV presenter and Chanel model, Lilah Parsons and the face of Fashion One, Stefanie Jones taking to the airwaves each week.

In this exclusive interview, we find out more about Hoxton Radio and the future of London’s most fashionable radio station. The sky is the limit – and somewhat aptly, David’s already planning London’s tallest building as his next recording studio.


What made you give up the day job and set up your own radio station?

I’d been working as a journalist and presenter for many years alongside my day job of sales and account management. The time came when I needed a new presenting role and sales job, so I combined my knowledge and set up a radio station where I created content and shows and sold it to the city.


MTV presenter and Chanel model, Lilah Parsons heads up Hoxton Radio's fashion arm
MTV presenter and Chanel model, Lilah Parsons heads up Hoxton Radio’s fashion arm

Hoxton Radio is London’s most fashionable music broadcasting station – so much so, that it now has its own fashion radio show, Hoxton Fashion. Where did the idea come from?

When we launched in 2012 I was interviewing a lot of bands and artists about their work, food and drink wasn’t as big and we covered a lot more local news. The content had style but wasn’t fashion per say, after quite a few presenters we’ve now got a great team with real expert knowledge including Lilah Parsons, Stefanie Jones, Becca Dudley, Antonia O’Brien and Deanne Oliver.


There’s been lots going on over at Hoxton Radio recently. You recently became the music director of The Industry, and Hoxton Radio has partnered with world famous brand, Ibiza Rocks – tell us more about this. 

A few of our DJ’s played Ibiza Rocks last year and one worked at the Ibiza Rocks hotel, they gave us a call and said would we come and play at their BOXPARK event and we said yes. Taking the radio station live to Bethnal Green road was entertaining – broadcasting from a box with people, traffic and sirens all contributing to the fun.


Stefanie Jones
Stefanie Jones, a presenter on Hoxton Fashion – and a fellow member of The Industry

Where do you see Hoxton Radio in five years?

It’s surreal and normal all at the same time to be working with Becca Dudley, getting Snapchats from Ashley Louise James and being invited to more London Collections: Men and London Fashion Week shows than you can fit into a weekend. We seem to grow and expand at a really fast pace, the next big thing comes and then gets normal so in five years… live from the top of The Shard, radio and TV beaming out 24 hours with even more attractive staff? The latter isn’t possible.


What other Industry members have you worked with?

The Industry’s official photographer Fran Hales and I go back quite a few years – we used to work at a pretty eccentric TV channel just off Old Street. I also work with Courtney Blackman in the capacity of Forward PR, and Stefanie Jones who presents for Hoxton Fashion. Former speaker Dylan Jones and I have met on social media and will become pretty good friends as London Collections: Men expands over the years – he’s down with The Shard plan too.


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