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Manish Arora opens Kornit Fashion Week London

Jeremy Lim
16 May 2022

Indian designer Manish Arora opened Kornit Fashion Week London in Covent Garden yesterday, celebrating artistry, diversity and fashion technology.

The show, which took place at Freemason’s Hall, celebrated fashion, futurism and diversity, with performances by vocalist and composer Bishi, ‘living sculpture’ Daniel Lismore, performance artists Is She Hungry, drag artist Charity Kase, Pandemonium, Michael Moon, and recording artist Virgin X.

British fabric sculptor and designer Daniel Lismore began and ended the show with a speech, after which the audience was taken on a further exploration of the senses into the metaverse via Oculus VR headsets.

Challenging the old ideals of beauty and fashion through a liberation of the senses, Arora explained after the show that it wasn’t just one inspiration, but everything in his head.

Arora said: "I’m all about colour and its uplifting effect on humanity – so what better way to celebrate the colours and beauty of the world than by bringing some of these incredible and diverse artists together, and then take them from our own reality into the metaverse via an extraordinary VR experience."

World-renowned show producer Motty Reif added: “The reason why I started this project was to challenge and transform the old notions of beauty. For me, fashion is people in the grandest sense, so I wanted to celebrate beauty in all shapes, ages, genders, colours and religions. It feels like a liberation from the old ideals."

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