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Mango unveils new sustainability strategy

Sophie Smith
13 December 2022

Mango has launched a new strategy to help reduce the environmental and social impact of its products and operations.

The initiative, Sustainable Vision 2030, incorporates new performance indicators in line with stricter market standards. It spans three key pillars: Committed to Product, Committed to Planet and Committed to People.

As part of this, Mango will focus its efforts on moving towards a more sustainable collection, prioritising materials with a lower environmental impact and incorporating circular design criteria.

The fashion brand will replace the 'Committed' label on its garments with a QR code that will redirect consumers to its website, offering information on the design and production of the product.

Mango will maintain its goal to be climate neutral by 2050. It will also set goals to reduce water and plastic consumption, as well as protect biodiversity and update its animal welfare policy.

Mango plans to publish a list of its Tier 3 factories by the end of 2022, which are related to suppliers of fabrics and fittings. This list aims to help champion transparency and promote the welfare of workers in its supply chain, as well as generate social action projects and collaborations with leading global organisations.

Toni Ruiz, CEO of Mango, said: "The new sustainability strategy is not merely a goal to be fulfilled, but a cross-departmental core value of our company strategy and business model that influences our decision making and the promotion of projects and actions, so that we can carry out our activities with the lowest environmental and social impact possible."

Today, 75% of Mango garments have sustainable properties. Since 2021, the brand has prevented the use of 500 tonnes of plastic with its project to replace plastic bags with paper ones for products that leave the factory. The brand has also made progress in recent years with the incorporation of alternative fibres with a lower environmental impact within its collection.

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