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LVMH orders 40 million masks from China to combat Coronavirus outbreak in France

Sadiyah Ismailjee
23 March 2020

To help address the surgical mask shortage in France, LVMH, announced it has ordered 40 million health masks from a Chinese supplier to help France tackle the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Saturday, LVMH said in a statement the first order containing a total of 10 million masks, will be delivered in the next couple of days. This initial batch will distributed to French health services and then to those in need early next week.

The rest of the order, on which LVMH partnered with the French government, will be funded by the state and should be delivered in coming weeks.

The order will be repeated for at least four weeks in similar quantities (i.e. approximately 40 million masks), LVMH said in a media release.

The company said: "LVMH should be in a position to dispatch the first masks to French health authorities early next week as a result of the additional funding and the group’s ability to rapidly deploy its network."

The luxury conglomerate will assume management of the supply chain, delivery and custom clearance for all subsequent deliveries.

Last week, LVMH announced it will be converting its perfume manufacturing facilities to make hand sanitisers instead to help stem the spread of COVID-19.

It will produce the sanitiser and distribute it for free to hospitals and healthcare establishments. France is currently on “lock-down” with only essential services open.

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