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Luxury womenswear brand DUMEBI launches Sickle Cell awareness foundation

Tom Shearsmith
07 May 2021

Owner of British Luxury womenswear clothing brand DUMEBI, Barbara Biosah, has launched a non-profit awareness foundation, Gideon’s Treasure Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness and supporting people living with Sickle Cell Anaemia.

The foundation aims to spread awareness through creative workshops including fashion, art and informative and entertaining charity events.

DUMEBI is a British black-owned womenswear brand founded by Barbara Biosah in 2016, previously profiled by British Fashion Council and showcased at London and International Fashion Weeks.

Sickle Cell effects a large demographic of African, Caribbean, and a few Mediterranean people around the world. The condition is so widely overlooked yet has many serious complications that can be very fatal.

Biosah herself suffers from Sickle Cell Anaemia, recounting that as a young girl she used her passion and love for fashion to overcome her pain. When she was unwell or had to go to the hospital, she would ask her mum to bring her sketchbook to the hospital so she could draw and it would give her so much joy.

Inspired by her own experience, Biosah wanted to recreate this support system with Gideon’s Treasure, using the growing platform of her London Fashion Week designer Brand DUMEBI to build awareness.

For the London Fashion Week September showcase, with September being Sickle Cell Awareness Month, DUMEBI will be dedicating its collection and show to creating an informative event, educating on Sickle Cell and how to help people living with this condition.

DUMEBI is also the official sponsor for Gideon’s Treasure Foundation and 20% of their sales will go towards funding the foundation's initiatives.

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